Friday, January 27, 2012

Welcome to Abraham Publishing

Here is a preview of the one-hour teaching, A Christian Study of Evil. Ignorance of evil is arguably the greatest danger to life. Our lack of awareness about what God said about it has caused us to be deceived by it, submit to it, and sin. In this report, we'll learn how knowledge of His perspective empowers us and works to our great benefit for He provides every means necessary to overcome evil in the name of Jesus. From this short sample, you can glimpse the study's doctrinal validity, significance, timeliness, and potential for great benefit and revelation.

Also, if you "Click This Wonderful Painting of Jesus" near the top right of the blog, you can view a 7-minute sample of the study that gives you a few more specifics.

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  1. Marylynn,
    i had the privilige of being at
    your presentation on Tues. 5/22/12
    An OUTSTANDING teaching.